Social Media Data in the World of Vaping

Today, social media is everything. This is where people share their thoughts on anything and everything. And, the case is no different for vaping. Vaping is a relatively new industry- having been introduced less than a decade ago. Still, you will find a lot of vaping posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit, just to mention a few. This means that the art of vaping is quickly being embraced.

Whatever you need to know about vaping, social media is the place to do your research. You will find lots of resources, especially on Reddit on Twitter. When it comes to broadcasting vaping messages, there are three types of persons who do this. There are the independent vapers(and famous musicians(that vape)) who want to tell the world of their vaping experiences, whether good or bad. They do so by using common vaping keywords e.g. , e juice, e-cigs, or vape batteries. Then there are the proponents. Proponents can also be referred to aficionados and e-cigarette brand ambassadors. They have extensive knowledge in this industry and theirs is to educate people on the various aspects of vaping. Lastly, we have the marketers whose aim is to post messages that will promote their products on social media.

The appearance of vaping messages on social media has been growing every year. Per a recent research by Tempel J. et al., the number of vaping tweets has increased by five folds since the year 2012. What this shows is that there is increased awareness of vaping. Also, it indicates that more people are taking up to vaping and finding the experience satisfying. Otherwise, they wouldn’t go to such a huge mile to commend the existence of vaping devices.

Social media data is another evidence that the vaping world is evolving and is doing so at a very fast rate. It is almost as if there is a new development every month, from new flavors, new devices to enhance control, vape chargers, new styles and new everything to enhancing the vaping experience.

The accuracy of vaping data on social media is dependent on who is posting it. How knowledgeable are they? Do they have any evidence to back their claims? Some people are just haters and will talk negatively about vaping. But if they cannot prove that with a scientific research study, then it should be a non-issue. Therefore, before you can jump into any conclusions it is always good that you get the facts rights instead of solely relying on one negative tweet or Facebook post.

Social media has been one of the major reasons why people move away from traditional tobacco smoking and take up vaping. Besides, people are more convinced, that vaping is great for them, when they listen to other people’s positive vaping stories. We can only hope that social media continues to have such a positive influence people’s decisions.


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